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There has never been anything more beautiful than life and nothing will ever be

Able to match it

Life is beyond compare and nothing

Is going to be the same

Life is always going to change

We decided that nothing was ever

Beautiful and inspiring

We didn’t think there could ever be a journey so

Filled with twists and turns

As we went through life it proved to be

Anything but an adventure

Most things failed to be

The greatest experience of our life

We learnt that some things were

A waste of time

All the hours spent working hard were not

Worth our while

And now we see that everything was

Greater than the gift of life

We never thought anything would be

Conquered with ease

What seemed impossible was

Fighting for our entire life

Breaking the chains that held us tight meant

Sadness would only get us down

We didn’t believe it when people said

Happiness is all around

(Read from bottom to top now)

The Greatest Time of Our Lives

Our teenage years are supposed to be great

Well all I can say is that they seem fake

Gossiping and backstabbing girls at each turn

Making your eyes tear and your face burn

A never ending cycle of assignments and test after test

Doesn’t the school know that we need our rest

But I don’t think we could sleep even if we tried

We just can’t make it through this time without a guide

How do you stop the thoughts that corner you at night

When no one wipes away the tears clouding our sight

We stay up all night not sure what to do

Feelings bombarding us making us feel blue

Afraid to close our eyes in case we get a fright

Sometimes we just don’t know how to fight

Where is everyone who supposedly cares

They only thing they give us are stares

No word of advice or comforting embrace

Would anyone notice if we vanished without a trace

I don’t think they would but I’ll never know

Because if I were to leave I would never again show

Maddie’s Poem

No matter the weather

We’ll always be together

Neither time nor space

Could destroy the embrace

That you will receive

Whenever you may grieve

Promise me you will try

No matter how much you may cry

‘Cause I’ll be right there with you

Whenever you feel blue

Wiping away the tears

Throughout all the years

Brought together by a mistake

So glad you’re not a fake

Don’t know what I would do

If you were replaced by someone new

Just remember that you are amazing

And just continue blazing

Seasons come and seasons go

Life will throw you to and fro

But as long as we’re together

Not even a feather

Will stop you in your tracks

Because we’ll always have each others’ backs

Then, Now and Forever

You are my shoulder,

When I cry.

You are my strength,

When I’m weak.

Without you,

I am nothing.

But with you,

I am something.

You’ve been here all along,

Waiting for me to realise.

When no one else knew,

You were my unmoving rock.

You anchored me in place,

Told me give it one more chance.

This time I wasn’t alone,

Cause you were with me then, now and forever.

One and Only

You wrote my story,

You know my heart.

You turned my trials,

Into triumph.

When I couldn’t walk,

You carried me.

When I was drowning,

You lifted me up.

Your grace is incredible,

Completely forgiving.

I was a mess, a disaster,

But you didn’t care.

You took me as I was,

And changed me for the better.

Without a doubt you are,

My one and only saviour.


So I love writing poems and I may not be the most talented writer but you know what I’m going to post some of my poems. I’ve already posted a couple a while ago but I want to post some more.


READ THIS!!!  Or read it below, I’m pasting it. What this creep is selling is harmful lies. Never let anyone tell you that any religion can cure mental illness. Don’t let anyone tell you it is a replacement for treatment. This is a very dangerous aspect of christianity and it needs to be shot down NOW!

The following is from HERE. Not mine.

Christians Can’t Be Depressed: Shift The Culture.

Did the title of this post catch your attention?
Perhaps it sparked something inside of you. 
A righteous anger? An adamant "But they can be depressed!"
If so, I commend your heart.

First and foremost, to clarify any misconceptions, “depression” is not simply a feeling of sadness. It is described as a prolonged, ongoing state of hopelessness or disinterest. It is not an emotion, it is a mental illness. 
I address this clarification because society cannot seem to wrap its head around the fact that a human being can be living a perfectly normal life, achieving great things, and heading towards a bright future, yet still want to kill him/herself at the end of the day.
It is real. It is misunderstood. It’s more prominent than one might think.

Now, let’s think about this topic in the realm of the Church.
Negative feelings seem to be a taboo in much of the Christian community. 
No, let me rephrase that. Negative feelings beyond the “norm” seem to be a taboo in the Christian community.
For example, when a person breaks down during prayer time, he/she is almost expected to jump for joy towards the end of the worship session. Why? Because the gospel brings joy, yes.
But what about the person who is still crying, even after everything is over?

I’ve been battling depression for a long time now.
Since around middle school, I’ve had ongoing thoughts of self-harm, complete isolation from loved ones, and suicide.
In April of 2013, I was a jerk of the wrist away from killing myself.
To this day, I have random moments of breakdown and nights in which I would like to disappear and be alone. 
Keep in mind, I have been the President of the Christian Club in high school, the main leader in my youth group for years, and a source of mentorship for others. And yet, I still battle with this.
There are millions like me.
And the Church did nothing for me. Rather, God did.
And for months, I had become jaded and bitter towards the place into which I invested my service and heart.
Does anyone else see a problem with that?

And so what if we shifted the culture? 
What if we turned it upside down?
What if we stopped making the church a place of obligatory service and mechanical motion, and made it a place of rest, genuine love, compassion, and ultimately worship?
The church doesn’t have to always be a happy place.
We don’t have to plaster on fake smiles, sharing surface leveled struggles, and then achieving a short-term remedy. 
The church should be a place where we can come with our real battles:
"The other day, I didn’t talk to anybody. I feel so empty."
"Today, I lied in bed for 2 hours just thinking about not living anymore."
"I don’t feel safe with anybody, I’m so alone."
And it should be a place where there is such a lack of judgement and such a surplus of empathy, that there would be no need to hide or sugarcoat the things going on in our minds and hearts.

Throwing a few bible verses at someone and expecting the problem to be overcome is something that the Christian community has picked up, and it frustrates me to no end.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not effacing the power of Scripture. But I am saying that the human mind is complex.
Sometimes a person doesn’t want to be told “to be strong” or to “pray about it”, as our Church culture has taught us.
Sometimes a person needs to know that there are people out there who will listen. Or that there are people who may not understand nor will they try to understand, but will simply be there.

Church, let’s learn to love like Jesus loved.

Perfectly Imperfect

Have you ever stopped to think how blessed we are to not be perfect.
Imagine if we were all perfect, the few of us that do know God would probably turn away and imagine the standards that would need to be reached. I can understand some people being a perfectionist about certain things like and event, to be honest I’m one of them. Just when I eat there is an order and certain way I must eat everything on my plate and if something is missing from a usual meal I feel like something terrible has happened. Haha well not quite that bad but enough of me. I can understand people wanting something to run smoothly no dilemmas no upsets but if life were like that where would that leave us. No mistakes means no lessons to be found in the mistakes. Some of the greatest things I’ve learned have come out of some of my biggest mistakes. So in saying all that I’m blessed an thankful that I’m not perfect. Though this is amazing there is something even more incredible amongst this. God doesn’t hold it against us. He doesn’t care that we are not perfect we can make mistakes without feeling judged. So the real blessing is that we are not perfect but God loves us all the same. So yay to being perfectly imperfect!


Baptism is a repentance of sins, it is asking God to cleanse you of all the wrong you have done and let you start anew.

Everything we do, every single second of everyday can be used as a metaphor for how we should be living our lives as Christians walking with God. Take cleaning a paint brush for example. If you put water in a clear container and then put a dirty paint brush in the water you can watch as the paint is rapidly cleaned off of the paint brush and the water becomes a murky version of whatever colour paint was on the brush. The water completely cleanses the paint brush making it good as new and ready to use another colour. This is the same with baptisms, when we as Christians give our lives to God and then make the decision to get baptised God is the water and we are the paint brush. The instant you step into that water God is cleansing your life one part at a time. If all our sins were a colour covering us they would be black and you would see the crystal clear water turn black almost instantly. The point of baptisms is to be cleansed and start living life reborn like a clean paint brush ready to paint another part of the painting. The paint brush and water scenario also shows us how we don’t have to be clean and have everything right for God to be able to clean us. I mean it would be ridiculous to clean the paint brush with a paper towel and then be like oh well better check it’s clean and put it in the water. No one would do that. We can come to God completely messed up and have no idea what is happening with life as long as we trust that God is going to clean and help us. So just because you become a Christian and get baptised doesn’t mean you can keep living the way you are. You have to make a purposed decision to change how you are living and start living with God. It would all be pointless otherwise. If people could just keep recommitting and getting baptised every week. What’s the point of that? There is none. So in saying that just because you get baptised doesn’t mean everything thing is suddenly going to be perfect and easy and go your way, that’s not how it works. But what it does mean is that everything is possible. God has already won this battle for you; you just need to choose to let him protect you. 

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